CMS Updates FAQ’s for 2016 Public Health Reporting

For Public Health Reporting in 2016, EPs, EHs and CAHs need to check with their state/jurisdiction on whether there are registries available to report to using a CEHRT. In addition, EPs, EHs and CAHs need to check with any such organization or specialty society with which they are affiliated to determine if that entity maintains a specialized registry and for which they have made a public declaration of readiness to receive data for meaningful use no later than the first day of the provider’s EHR reporting period.

Be aware that the state/jurisdiction/profession organization must maintain the specialized registry.

CMS  has released the following FAQ’s:

  1. What steps does a provider have to take to determine if there is a specialized registry available for them, or if they should instead claim an exclusion?
  2. What can count as a specialized registry?
  3. What should a provider do in 2016 if they did not previously intend to report to a public health reporting measure that was previously a menu measure in Stage 2 and they do not have the necessary software in CEHRT or the interface the registry requires available in their health IT systems?  What if the software is potentially available but there is a significant cost to connect to the interface?
  4. For 2016, what alternate exclusions are available for the public health reporting objective?  Is there an alternate exclusion available to accommodate the changes to how the measures are counted?
  5. Can a provider register their intent after the first 60 days of the reporting period in order to meet the measures if a registry becomes available after that date?